Affiliate Program

The affiliate program provides a unique way for your app to interface with iTunes, the App Store, the iBookstore, and Mac App Store to link to millions of songs, thousands of apps, Hollywood movies to rent or buy, TV shows, music videos, games, ebooks, audiobooks, and free podcasts. You too can be part of the excitement by joining the affiliate program.

The sky is the limit when you combine creativity, your app, and the App Store and Mac App Store Affiliate Program. Among the great implementations of the program are discovery apps, which help users learn about new music, artists, movies, TV shows, and even other apps. The affiliate program is also a good fit for apps that explore any of the content areas inside the store. Do you have an app that showcases a certain city? Use the affiliate program to link to artists performing at local venues or to movies playing at local theaters. We encourage you to integrate affiliate links in appropriate ways that add value to your app and its users.

Each regional affiliate network offers a variety of reporting options for affiliates through its dashboard. To maximize sales, spend time to get to know the reporting system for your affiliate network. Tools are available that allow you to code clicks and sales by link placement or campaign. However, please note that SKU-level sales reporting is not currently available with the affiliate program.

What if my application to join the affiliate program is denied? If you feel that your app was inappropriately denied, you can appeal by sending an email to itunesaffiliates@apple.com. You can also attempt to reapply to the program after 14 days.

Can app developers from outside the United States join? Yes, there are currently affiliate programs in nineteen countries around the world administered by four affiliate networks. We encourage developers from anywhere to apply but only accept those that have significant traffic in a country where there is an affiliate program.

Are all app publishers automatically approved to be affiliates? No, app publishers have to go through the same approval process as websites.

Is there an API? Yes. It is known as the Search API. Further information can be found on the Search API page in iTunes & App Store Resources site.

Can a link go straight into the store and not through the affiliate network? Yes. As long as a URL includes the partnerId and correct version of the affToken, it does not have to go through the affiliate network. However, clicks are not tracked, just sales.

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